Crime Patterns and Analysis

The Journal of the International Symposium on Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis


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Cover and pre-article pages

Looking Back

           A Social Network Analysis of the Evolution of the Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis (ECCA) Symposiums

                          Gisela Bichler and Aili Malm

Looking at the Present

             Is Crime Higher Around Drug-Gang Street Corners?:  Two Spatial Approaches to the Relationship Betrween Gang Set Spaces and Local Crime Levels

                          Jerry H. Ratcliffe and Travis A. Taniguchi

             Spatial Behavior of Property Offenders:  Questioning the Near-             Home Hypothesis

                          Veronika Anna Polišenská

Looking Forward

             Visualising Space Time Patterns in Crime:  The Hotspot Plot

                          Michael Townsley

             Ecological Theory and Complex Systems:  The Future of Criminology

                          Jeffery T.  Walker

Book Review

             Book Review of Pockets of Crime: Broken Windows, Collective Efficacy, and the Criminal Point of View


                           Eric S. McCord